Testimonial from student who attended in Summer

Dear Sean, 

I am writing to you to thank you for the wonderful time I had at the Gaeltacht on the second course last June. It was my first time there.

I came to Donegal with only one friend from school and came home with a whole new bunch of friends from all over the place.

I was welcomed by Neansai and her lovely family. She really is the best cook!

Mairead was my muinteoir ranga and she was so nice and friendly. I learned a lot from the classes and enjoyed them a lot!

Claire was also so nice and always there if you had any worries or problems.

All of the daily activities were great fun with very good supervision of every person. But in fairness, the ceilis every night were personally my favourite because you got involved with other people from all over Ireland and just had great craic. The most important things was learning and talking Gaeilge in a fun and encouraging way.

I have to say that I got so close to all my new friends. It was hard to go back home to reality after two excellent weeks.

I will definitely return next year. I would like to thank you for the hard job you do, trying to organise everything for our good.

Thank you for my wonderful experience.

“Go raibh mile maith agat.”

Responses to questions we asked students/parents who attended the summer courses

Why did you attend the college?To learn and improve my Irish.
To boost my child’s self confidence and development.
It was recommended by the Irish teacher.
It was less expensive than other courses.
My child’s friends were attending.
We got a scholarship for the college through the county council.
I felt I needed to learn more about my native language.
I was at this college before and had the time of my life.
I wanted my child to gain the highest results in the leaving cert.
It made things easier for me as it fitted in around my work commitments.
How happy were you with your choice of Irish college?Excellent teaching, excellent care, good activities.
My son is very shy and found the first week hard, he actually came home for two days but decided to return. The leader was very understanding and so was the bean an Tí. I am glad he did the course and so glad he went back.
The college was great and the accommodation was fantastic. My child would recommend this college to anyone. Thank you.
Were you happy with the improvement in spoken and understanding of the Irish language?Very happy. My child enjoyed it and is more confident in Irish.
Extremely happy.
My daughter stated that Irish is now her favorite subject after visiting the gaeltact. It is great to see her interest develop.
How happy were you with your child’s accommodation?Extremely happy.
It was run very well and the Bean an Tí was very nice.
The bean an Tí was very nice and cared for my son.
Excellent food, friendly, caring. Great effort made to accommodate special diet.
A lot of good food.
My son was up there before and was given the preference of staying in the same house again. He knew the Bean an Tí and her family which was super.
Made her feel at home.
Extremely happy with the standard of food.
Were you happy with the activities?There was a full timetable.
Extremely happy.
How happy were you with the college’s building & amenities?Extremely happy.
Everything was close by so my son didn’t have to walk far to go anywhere.
Did you find the course was value for money?Extremely happy.
Everything was included in the price. My son only needed money for sweets. He said there was nowhere up there to spend money either which was a relief!
Would you recommend this Irish college and if so why?Yes, excellent value for money, great learning experience, excellent principal and teachers.
Yes. The environment was very friendly and my son gained a lot of knowledge and confidence.
Definitely. My son asked me if he could go up at easter and is looking forward to meeting all his friends again next summer.